Whitman “9/11 Air is Safe to Breathe” to Lautenberg Seat?

Whitman “9/11 Air is Safe to Breathe” to Lautenberg Seat?

Reflecting upon the possibility of another Washington “un-truther” filling the Congressional seat vacated upon the passing of Sen. Frank Lautenberg.

It is not without irony that as Susan Rice is reportedly being promoted to President Obama’s National Security Advisor that your humble blogger reflects upon the possibility of another “un-truther” returning to Washington to fill the Congressional seat vacated upon the passing of Sen. Frank Lautenberg.

Christine Todd Whitman, former Republican New Jersey Governor (1994- 2001) and former Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (2001 to 2003), is said to be on the short list of people Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will consider appointing to temporarily fill Lautenberg’s seat.  Naturally, the person Christie appoints will have an incumbent’s leg up in the special election and, eventually, the permanent election.

Why is Whitman on the “un-truther” list?

Just two days after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks spewed a colossal plume of dust, smoke and soot into the atmosphere, [the] U.S. EPA began reassuring Lower Manhattan residents and first responders about air quality.

Within a week, then-EPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman said her agency’s air monitoring showed the “public in these areas are not being exposed to excessive levels of asbestos or other harmful substances.”

“Given the scope of the tragedy from last week,” Whitman said in a statement, “I am glad to reassure the people of New York and Washington, D.C., that their air is safe to breathe and their water is safe to drink.” (block quote credit JEREMY P. JACOBS “EPA Regulators Say They’ve Learned From 9/11 Blunders, but Critics Remain Unconvinced” New York Times 9/9/11)

The “air is safe to breathe”? 

How many rescue and recovery workers (NYPD, FDNY, civilian construction workers, etc) relied on Whitman’s statement to continue working “the pile” (recovering victims and clearing the Ground Zero site) with less than adequate respiration protection?  How many of those workers have died to date because of Whitman’s statement?  How many of those workers will continue to die in the years to come because they relied on the truth of Whitman’s statement?

At a Congressional hearing some six years later, Whitman would engage in rhetorical parsing worthy of the Obama administration’s best “un-truthers.”

She said that she was addressing residents of Lower Manhattan — not workers at ground zero — when she said a week after the attack that the air was safe to breathe. She said that the agency issued strong and repeated warnings to workers on the debris pile to wear protective equipment, but that her agency had no ability or authority to enforce that requirement. (block quote credit ANTHONY DePALMA “Ex-E.P.A. Chief Defends Role in 9/11 Response” New York Times 6/26/07)

Thusly, based on Whitman’s explanation, there was apparently some as-yet unknown technology keeping all the bad air in place at Ground Zero whilst the air across the street was as fresh as a mountain breeze?

Here is a summary of what happens when politicians like Whitman tell “un-truths.”

When the 110-story Twin Towers came down, thousands of tons of steel, concrete, window glass and asbestos came down with it while thousands of gallons (liters) of flaming jet fuel and burning plastics released deadly carcinogens.

Last week, the New York City Fire Department added nine names to the 55 already etched on a wall honoring members who have died of illnesses related to Ground Zero rescue and recovery work.

Some estimates put the overall death toll from 9/11-related illness at more than 1,000. Nationwide, at least 20,000 Ground Zero workers are being treated and 40,000 are being monitored by the World Trade Center Health Program.

In the past seven weeks, three New York City cops, two firefighters and a construction union worker who toiled at Ground Zero have died of cancer or respiratory illnesses, according John Feal, who runs a non profit that monitors Ground Zero health care issues. (block quote credit Chris Francescani “Anniversary of 9/11 marked under cloud of health problems” Reuters 9/9/12)

It’s not bad enough that we have Obamian “un-truthers” in Washington covering up a plethora of scandals, including the death of four Americans at the hands of Jihadists in Benghazi.  Do we really want Whitman, who helped the 9/11 attackers continue to kill untold numbers of rescue and recovery workers these many years after 9/11, to rejoin the ranks of the “un-truthers”? by “Grizzly Joe”

Visit John Feal’s FealGood Foundation.

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