You Say Tomato, I Say… “Islamist” vs. “Islam”

You Say Tomato, I Say…  “Islamist” vs. “Islam”

This site is NOT anti-Muslim but IS part of the counter Jihad movement.  This site respects all religions save for those fringe elements that advocate violence against others for any reason.

It is simply wrong to condemn all Muslims and the Islamic religion generally in any discussion. Nevertheless, the fact is that there are bad Muslims acting under their interpretation of Islam (see Al-Qaeda).

The United States mainstream media use terms such as “moderate” and “radical” to label which brand of Islam they think they are reporting on.  In discussing the danger presented by “bad Muslims”, any number of terms may be used, often interchangeably: Jihadist, Islamist, Muslim extremist, etc.

How does this blog frame the linguistic difficulties of discussing “bad Muslims”?

The “Islamist movement” or “Islamism” is defined by this blog as the political ideology of those Muslims who would impose the Islamic faith on non-Muslims by any means necessary.  The means used may range from violence (see 9/11/01) to surreptitious infiltration of non-Islamic societies/governments with the ultimate goal of instilling Islamic Sharia law (see Muslim Brotherhood or Council on American Islamic Relations a/k/a “CAIR”).

Does my definition work for you or am I being too simplistic or naïve? Feel free to comment below.

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4 thoughts on “You Say Tomato, I Say… “Islamist” vs. “Islam”

  1. I see that you “respect all religions”. I’m afraid I can’t be that inclusive. Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one can enter the kingdom of Heaven except through Me.” I take my Lord and Savior at His Word.

    • Folks, I approved these idiotic comments as a sarcastic illustration of “religious tolerance” from a purported Christian…

  2. If Sharia law is what they want, then they are automatically jihadists, right? You can’t want one without being the other.

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